New E350 – a residential meter that ensures you are compliant

Landis+Gyr is releasing the second generation of its popular E350 (ZxF100) meter family. Known for technological and market adaptability, the meter offers utilities the flexibility you need to become a successful player in an ever changing market.

The E350 is future-proof and can be adapted to future technologies and energy regulations, which guarantee maximum protection on utility investment. Moreover, the enhanced functionality meets key AMI requirements.

The meter can be fitted with the latest communication module from Landis+Gyr, the E35C, which is fully interoperable and runs on communication technologies such as GPRS, to be followed by PLC and Ethernet in the near future.  It is upgradeable through a ‘plug and play’ function. And as the meter stays in the network and only the module is replaced, this can save you up to 50 percent on your investment.

The  E350 has various features including a load-profile register, which offers in-depth analysis of a utility’s energy distribution. From this analysis, a utility can manage energy peak times and develop complex tariff structures.

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