Mosenergo to expand commercial metering solution from Landis+Gyr

The AMM solution initially provided by Landis+Gyr includes system software, metering and communication devices. The solution consists of best-in-class grid meters for precise measurement as well as Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Converge for data processing. The goal was to automate measurement processes, validate and substitute data, and calculate the company’s energy balance. To achieve this, data from 3,000 meters is acquired every three minutes and distributed to several third party systems from Mosenergo.
The implementation of the AMM solution was a key step to help Mosenergo detect where and how much energy is flowing, automate business processes to work on the wholesale market and simplify customer energy calculations. Due to the project’s success, Mosenergo has planned to extend the solution further by adding new power generation stations to it as well as smart gas meters.

“Mosenergo is a true leader in energy efficiency in Russia and we are honoured to help them build up the country’s smart metering infrastructure. By improving data management, the company can enhance energy efficiency and customer relations,” says Andreas Brun Senior Vice President of Landis+Gyr.

Mosenergo is a distributed power generation company which has 19 substations situated in Moscow and the Moscow region and generates more than 60 billion kWh per year.

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About Mosenergo:
Mosenergo is currently the largest generating company operating on fossil fuel. Its power plants of have electricity capacity of 10,600 MW and thermal capacity of 39,000 MW. Mosenergo is the largest thermal generation company in the world. For more information about Mosenegro please visit:

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