Landis+Gyr establishes strong foothold in Russia

“Being a world leader in smart metering, we believe we can support our Russian customers in achieving their energy efficiency goals by implementing innovative energy management solutions and the world’s best practices, which will benefit the Russian energy sector as a whole. We are fully committed to serving the demand for the technical modernization of Russian energy infrastructure and have customised our solutions for Russian market needs. We are working with local partners to provide end-to-end solutions and continue to help our customers improve business processes, customer relations and accurate energy measurement,” says Victor Vassiliev, Managing Director, Landis+Gyr Russia. 

Since entering the market, Landis+Gyr has built successful relations in Russia, thriving especially with its Gridstream Converge solution. In 2009 it announced the expansion of its commercial metering solution with Mosenergo, one of Russia’s largest energy generation companies. Landis+Gyr has also been successful in the Industrial, Commercial and Grid (ICG) meter business and has established solid relations with the Russian electricity transmission grid operator, Federal Grid Company.

In November 2009, a new law in Russia regarding energy saving and energy efficiency came into force. The law sets up a framework to promote energy efficiency initiatives and supports the goal set by the President of Russia to decrease the energy intensity of the Russian GDP by at least 40% by 2020. This facilitates the development of new smart metering technologies as they provide two-way communications among energy partners and most importantly, more accurate information on energy flows, thereby helping to optimise power generation, distribution and consumption. As a leading provider of smart metering solutions, Landis+Gyr has been the company of choice for many of Russia’s energy companies. Landis+Gyr brings its global expertise and years of experience to the market customised to Russia specific needs.