Integrated multi-energy solution for Tre-For

The integrated multi-energy solution covers all of Tre-For’s 200,000 metering points. The system will enable the utility to manage energy better and provide improved customer service. It will also give consumers the opportunity to track their electricity, water and heat usage.

Benefits for Tre-For
By using a single integrated multi-energy AMM solution, Tre-For will save on infrastructure costs and increase work efficiency. All information about electricity, heat and water will be stored in one system where it will be available for all those involved in customer service. The customers, in turn, will receive energy bills based on actual consumption rather than on a pro rata, estimated basis.

Satisfied customer
Knud Steen Larsen, CEO of Tre-For, said ”It is of great importance to Tre-For that our customers who use meters remotely get better service and do not have to read their meters themselves. This is a very new and advanced system that offers us the chance to acquire new products for the electricity market, including other solutions that will reduce costs.”

ecoMeter extends the solution
Tre-For is committed to increasing energy consciousness among its customers. Therefore, as a part of the solution, it is introducing ecoMeter to pilot consumers. The ecoMeter is an in-home display device that provides consumers with information about their yearly electricity, gas and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and current tariff rates/demand. This gives consumers the chance to regulate their consumption in order to save money. It also helps benefit the environment through improved energy management at a grassroots level.

Landis+Gyr will do all provisioning work, including device installation, implementation of the AMM system, AIM training and integration into Tre-For's information network. Commercial and industrial customers, who require their meters read hourly, will be transferred to the AIM system. The AIM system uses a GPRS connector to the E120GiME meter for communication. The entire system will be deployed by the end of 2010.

About Tre-For
Tre-For is a leading Danish utility and has all of its customers covered by an AMM system. It is one of the country’s largest multi-energy utilities and supplies almost 250,000 people with electricity and a 100,000 with district heating. It also supplies more than 105,000 people with drinking water.